Published: 1st Dec 2020

The pandemic has inspired a wave of entrepreneurship across the UK, according to new research from Studio Graphene. The tech developer commissioned an independent survey among over 1,200 UK adults aged between 18 and 55. It found that 8% have started their own business during the pandemic, with a further 10% considering or in the process of doing so. Of those who have started or are starting their own venture, 36% said they saw a clear gap in the market for a new product or service due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, 40% said being put on furlough or made redundant pushed them to launch their own business. Half (51%) said they were encouraged by seeing someone they know take the leap. According to data from Companies House, between April and September 2020 there were 397,135 new company incorporations in the UK. This is up by over 57,000 from the same six-month period in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)