Published: 18th Apr 2011

After years spent championing Manchester’s marginalised groups, Atiha Chaudry tells Nicole Froio current cutbacks have left her and fellow campaigners ‘drained and exhausted’ The prospect of funding cuts, threats to equalities work, and a third sector shaped around an unclear Big Society has disrupted the clear path Manchester’s BME Network was walking down, under the leadership of chair Atiha Chaudry. With cuts to grant funding threatening many of the network’s 200 members and the network itself facing possible closure, she fears for the future of the city’s equalities agenda. The majority of the network’s members are small organisations reliant on grants and providing services to marginalised communities; such groups will be left exposed by government funding cuts and a move towards commissioning structures. ‘I expect to see quite a lot disappear,’ Ms Chaudry says. She cites just one example: the decision to scrap funding for the link worker advice service … (To read the full article, subscribe below)