Published: 16th Aug 2019

Decision-makers behind the regeneration of northern towns and cities should stop catering to a ‘mythical’ white working-class and focus more on the needs of ethnic minorities, a report has warned. Academics from the University of Leeds and think tank the Runnymede Trust have produced the report Class, Race and Inequality in Northern Towns which says ‘hostile’ narratives around the working-class are often exclusively white, which ignores significant ethnic minority working-class communities in many Northern towns and cities. These include older post-colonial minorities, as well as substantial new migrant groups ­­– both European workers and asylum seekers. The report adds that these narratives have been amplified due to Brexit whilst highlighting that Northern cities such as Leeds and Manchester have among the largest minority populations in the UK. It says all regeneration schemes in the region should consider the historical and present-day contribution of a racially and ethnically diverse local community, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)