Published: 7th Jan 2021

The RTPI planning consultancy of the year, Nexus Planning has announced it has become carbon negative. Following an intensive process to calculate the company’s CO2 emissions, Nexus worked with Carbon Footprint to double offset its emissions for the entire year, earning the consultancy the status of ‘Carbon Neutral Plus’ – the equivalent of carbon negative. The carbon assessment reviewed all trips made by Nexus employees between 1 January and 31 December 2019. Following collection, Carbon Footprint then analysed the data and produced a report summarising the company’s emissions. The total footprint for Nexus Planning during the assessment period is 100.33 tonnes CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to 1.9 tonnes per employee. An average consultancy like Nexus would usually emit 1.8 tonnes per employee. The most significant emission source was gas consumption, accounting for 36.2% of the company’s carbon footprint. While car trips across the company account for half (48.9%) of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)