Published: 18th Aug 2020

Newham Council has announced it will take back the management a number of properties currently leased to the property management company Mears. The London borough said the ending of the Mears leases will affect around 250 properties in Custom House and Canning Town, and it is working with Mears to ensure the transfer is as seamless as possible for affected residents. This change will effectively lead to the end of Mears’ role as landlord to the tenants. Every current Mears tenant will now have a homeless assessment and, where the council can establish it has a duty to house, tenants will be offered temporary accommodation by the council. The council will carry out the handback of properties in batches, and intend to prioritise cases where the property condition is poor. The London borough will be beginning this process next month and will be communicating directly with affected residents with details … (To read the full article, subscribe below)