Published: 9th Apr 2021

A new guide has been published to help leaders and managers in the public sector to improve decision-making and outcomes in the wake of the pandemic. The guide has been drawn up by Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design and draws on examples of when group decision-making could have averted high profile incidents like the attack on the Twin Towers. It also demonstrates how group decision-making can inspire new ways to solve problems and make a big difference to ways of working, especially when budgets and resources are more constrained than ever. According to Nesta, access to more information, expertise and ideas can give a group advantages over individual decision-makers. Teams that get it right are more productive, innovative and happier as a result. With practical top tips and common pain points to watch out for, the resource is designed to equip managers and leaders with the skills they need to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)