As devolution stalls, Locality and Power to Change have launched an independent commission on the future of localism. Chief executive of Locality, Tony Armstrong says community decision-making is needed to re-build democracy and economies It has been six years since the localism act came into effect. For Locality, and for many others who have long lobbied for more powers to be dispersed to communities, this legislation was a landmark moment in a long journey. The suite of community rights and powers introduced by the act have given local communities important resources for saving local assets and shaping local planning and development. But, as the organisation responsible for providing advice and support to communities to take up these opportunities, we know only too well some of the significant roadblocks they continue to face. Fast forward to 2017 and an undeniable vacuum in neighbourhood powers persists. Since the EU referendum, we have … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Tony Armstrong is chief executive of Locality