Published: 13th Jan 2014

What are the most basic material needs that everyone has in common? We all share the need of the very basic things: shelter, food, water and sanitation. And it is shockingly obvious that these things are becoming increasingly difficult to access in the UK today. Some examples of ways in which this has been happening over the last few years have included: homeless people being routinely woken in the early hours and had their sleeping places washed  down and left wet so that they could not return to them; Increasing numbers of people, particularly forced migrants and asylum seekers, being left with ‘no recourse to public funds’; and just a few weeks ago police confiscated sleeping bags and other personal items belonging to street homeless people  in Redbridge. This is not to mention the increase in the numbers of food banks, and the cuts to local authority budgets that are … (To read the full article, subscribe below)