My Card loyalty programme

We are all aware that high street retailers are leaving the traditional centres daily and we are also aware that we are changing our shopping behaviour at an unprecedented pace.

If we are going to survive and address this we all need to be smart about how we consider our personal and professional behaviour and take this opportunity to steer change to the benefit of local communities.

The My Card Loyalty Programme offers reports, intelligence, technology, a delivery programme and rewards and other incentives that can tell the story of why we should preserve our high streets, and motivate us to start this behaviour change.

The My Card Loyalty Programme is a complete solution to local loyalty. Combining an innovative use of Visa/MasterCard terminals to reward behaviour with a successful tried and tested delivery programme, the My Card Loyalty Programme invites residents to revisit both their traditional high streets and also their community.

Businesses will be coached on how to offer rewards to residents and visitors via new income and additional footfall. Residents will receive cash rewards and other incentives for shopping locally and for participating in other community activities. Local authorities and other partners will receive a new income stream for regeneration projects and local non profit organisations will be encouraged to participate to raise their profile and also derive new income from supporting the scheme

All of the elements of The My Card Loyalty Programme can be incorporated into existing loyalty schemes to support those who are suffering the historic, expected failings that traditional loyalty card schemes sadly experience.

Change can and is happening. We just need to direct this for the sake of local communities and the My Card Delivery programme is the tool that can help lead this shift.  This is a new age where some businesses and communities will shine!

  • My Card Ltd is currently looking for four pilot areas to share success with.  If you would like further information please contact Mark Barnes on 07590 005692 or email


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Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones
12 years ago

I was really interested to read about your loyalty card scheme. Businesses in Herefordshire launched their own loyalty card scheme in December 2010. Called “Truffle” the scheme aims to support local independent businesses and encourage people to shop and do business with those independents. So far we have over 450 businesses signed up and well over 6,000 members.

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