Published: 8th Feb 2021

Local authorities lack the resources they need to help protect vulnerable communities from flood risks, a group of MPs has warned. A report by the environment, food and rural affairs select committee criticises the government’s vague flood defence plans and warns that 5.2m properties are currently at risk from flooding. It also highlights the need to provide long-term funding for the maintenance of existing and new flood defences. In addition, the report examines the mental health impacts of severe flooding and calls for an action plan addressing this alongside the economic and physical effects. It calls for local authorities to be given the resources they need to effectively factor climate change projections into local planning decisions, thus avoiding development in areas at risk from flooding. And the report calls for local people to be treated as ‘vital delivery partners’, rather than ‘passive recipients’, noting that such engagement brings ‘real value’ … (To read the full article, subscribe below)