Published: 27th Aug 2020

Milton Keynes Council has set out plans to build what it claims will be some of the most ‘environmentally friendly homes’ in the borough. The local authority said it is intending to build 500 new council homes by 2022 and a further 700 by 2030, totalling 1,200. This is in addition to 1,402 replacement and additional homes on the regeneration estates, with proposals in both the Lakes Estate and Fullers Slade well advanced. In addition, Milton Keynes Council is investing £50m in its current homes to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce energy costs for tenants. It is part of the council’s ambition for Milton Keynes to become carbon neutral by 2030, a recently announced record breaking investment in ensuring MK’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19 is a green and fair one, and a new business plan for affordable homes that cabinet will review in September. The … (To read the full article, subscribe below)