Published: 25th Apr 2017

Next week newly elected metro mayors in six combined authorities begin their first day in office. Neil McInroy and Victoria Bettany from CLES urge them to use this historic opportunity to reset policy and address longstanding economic and social issues. To date, policy opinion and mayoral manifestos have offered a laudable, but often limited, set of tactical policy innovations, including cheaper transport for sections of the population, actions around a living wage, housing affordability and tackling youth unemployment. Given the scale of the challenge, these may not be enough to successfully reset strategic policy. Rather, three key things need to happen. 1. Re-organise the economics of devolution: Financial investment and return has dominated the economics of devolution, hence the focus on property development and land value appreciation in city centres and other hotspots. Indeed, this focus has been over-egged in devolution deals through economic agglomeration and ‘earnback’ on growth. If … (To read the full article, subscribe below)