Published: 22nd Dec 2010

Just as GDP is not the only way to measure progress and development, measuring wellbeing is not the only way to understand it. We just need to remember the benefits or the advantages or qualitative research too. Asking closed or even open questions through a survey or questionnaires certainly has its advantages but having a more detailed conversation, conducting a fuller interview and getting to the bottom of some of these issues, or at least understanding why, is also important, especially for something as complex as wellbeing. Over the last few years at CLES, we’ve been working out ways to measure, value, assess and understand what wellbeing gains. Indeed it’s really useful to know what impact certain policies, interventions, activities, actions have on how people feel, how they live their life and what they do as a result. We’ve used measures much like those proposed but we’ve also used interviews, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)