Published: 26th May 2011

Is it possible for a council to avoid cutting staff, maintain local services and keep funding the voluntary and community sector? Manjeet Gill reckons you can – and achieve a whole lot more. Austin Macauley meets her If ever there was a council boss with their head above the parapet it’s Manjeet Gill. By insisting it’s possible to maintain services, avoid job cuts and actually invest in new initiatives she’s not so much peeping over the top as jumping up and down on it. That she’s doing it at a district council merely ups the ante – challenging the widely held belief that government cutbacks would be too deep for some authorities and hasten the death of the district. No wonder then that Local Government Chronicle named her ‘one to watch’ in its recent list of movers and shakers. Ms Gill has taken a corner of England traditionally well below … (To read the full article, subscribe below)