Published: 13th Jan 2021

Manchester City Council has announced plans to bring Northwards Housing back in-house, following a recent consultation with tenants and leaseholders. According to the local authority, 93% of the responses from tenants welcomed proposals to bring the management of their homes back under council control for the first time since 2005. The consultation followed a recent review, which identified a number of weaknesses that needed to be addressed. The council estimates moving the service back in-house could save it around £77m over the course of the 30-year business plan – money that can be reinvested to improve services for Northwards tenants. New governance arrangements will also allow tenants to have more of a say about future decisions affecting their homes and their neighbourhoods. It is hoped that work will begin shortly to bring Northwards back in-house by the summer. A report into the matter will be heard this week by the council’s economic scrutiny … (To read the full article, subscribe below)