Published: 23rd Oct 2012

Community ownership models are beginning to find their feet and offer a way forward from out-dated regeneration schemes, as Tom Archer and Rob Rowlands explain In October 2011 we wrote an article, The Urban Collective, in which we suggested that community ownership might offer some hope in the aftermath of government-led regeneration programmes. However, we stressed that, despite the common usage of the term, ‘community’ is never a homogenous entity where there is unanimity of perspectives, values and objectives. Our suggestion was that community ownership models will ‘emerge from shared problems and small bases’ that over time will draw in ‘new members and different resources’. This was an argument for the piecemeal and anarchic in the absence of co-ordinated state action and funding. From our observations we have noticed that it is not the amorphous idea of community that matters, but rather how these small groups work to improve their … (To read the full article, subscribe below)