Published: 21st Oct 2020

The University of Hull and Hull City Council are teaming up to develop the low-carbon housing of the future. As part of the project, the local authority will provide a residential property for the university team to trial its low-carbon heating technology. Data on heating and energy use within the house will be monitored and recorded over a year, to fully analyse its effectiveness and affordability. If the pilot project is successful, it is hoped the technology could be commercialised, and rolled out to homes across Hull and beyond. Professor Xudong Zhao, from the University of Hull’s Energy & Environment Institute, is a globally recognised energy researcher whose focus on sustainable building services, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. ‘This project will be the first time this technology, which we hope will become an exemplar for the decarbonisation of our homes, will be demonstrated at full scale,’ he said. ‘Addressing … (To read the full article, subscribe below)