Findings from the Inclusive Growth Monitor highlight the ever-widening gap between south east England and the rest, and the need for a more regionally distributed economy, says Anthony Rafferty This month the Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit, a joint venture between the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and University of Manchester, launched its second annual Inclusive Growth Monitor of local enterprise partnerships (leps). Despite some improvements in many areas between 2010-2015 during economic recovery, the findings are of concern for anybody hoping for a regional economic rebalance or narrowing of the gap between the north/midlands and the south. With London continuing to pull away from the other regions, a more inclusive model of growth still requires a better regionally distributed economy. Using a range of 18 indicators, the IG Monitor considers the extent to which people living within different areas of England can be considered as included in the benefits of growth and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Dr. Anthony Rafferty is a senior lecturer at Alliance Manchester Business School and senior researcher at the Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit (IGAU).