Participatory City has joined forces with Barking and Dagenham council for the largest participatory project of its kind in the country. The ‘Every One Every Day’ project with work with around 25,000 residents across the borough to create more than 250 projects and form more than 100 new businesses over the next five years. Residents will be invited to share ideas for projects and community-led businesses they would like to see in their neighbourhoods. These projects could include sharing knowledge, tree planting or food growing. The aim of the £6.4m initiative is to combine the benefits of peer-to-peer co-production projects, with businesses and services – working together to improve the overall wellbeing of the neighbourhood, leaving no one behind. ‘The scheme will open five high street shops and a central warehouse in the area’ The scheme will launch in the London borough in October and November and Participatory City aims … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Jamie Hailstone is senior reporter – NewStart