Published: 15th Nov 2011

Water kiosk on the outskirts of Chipata in Zambia Zambia’s Constituency Development Fund proves how much more can be achieved when local people are in control. Will the country’s new government take it to the next level? Austin Macauley reports The run up to Zambia’s elections in September was characterised by as much mud slinging by rival politicians as you’d find in the UK. But there was one issue that they all agreed on: the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) must be protected at all costs. Indeed, since Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front party triumphed, unseating Rupiah Banda to become president, politicians have been falling over themselves to increase the amount of money going into CDF. Just last week there were calls for it to rise to anything from one billion kwacha (K1bn) to K5bn from its current level of K720m (roughly £90,000) a year for … (To read the full article, subscribe below)