Published: 3rd Jul 2018

A Local Government Association (LGA) report on local government funding, published today (July 3), estimates councils in England face a funding gap of £7.8bn by 2025. They say plugging this gap would just keep services standing still and does not include any funding needed to improve services or reverse cuts. The figures have been released to coincide with their annual conference, which begins today in Birmingham. The report says that by 2020, local authorities will have faced a reduction to core funding from the Government of nearly £16bn since 2010. That means that councils will have lost 60 pence out of every £1 the Government had provided to spend on local services. It adds that next year, 168 councils will receive no more core central government funding at all, with many local services ‘on the brink of collapse.’ LGA Chairman Lord Porter said: ‘We’ve reached a point where councils will … (To read the full article, subscribe below)