Published: 1st Oct 2009

While planners have addressed all the essentials of human life, they have traditionally ignored food. Only in very recent history has food found its way onto the political agenda, but the explosion of interest in the issue was clear from the packed conference hall at the second Making local food work conference in Bristol yesterday. Professor Kevin Morgan of Cardiff University reminded us why we can no longer afford to ignore the issue: food security, carbon emissions from food supplies and rising obesity levels place food at the heart of some of our most urgent regeneration problems. ‘We need to think of our cities through the prism of food,’ Morgan said. He was, of course, preaching to the converted. Throughout the day the stories emerged of gargantuan attempts to shift our entrenched, unsustainable food systems. Local Food Links has battled the system to take healthy locally-sourced food into schools in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)