Published: 1st Sep 2015

The coming few months are going to be dominated by the advance of the government’s English devolution programme. This programme shows no sign of deceleration, and neither does the response of much of local government including council leaders of all political parties. It would be too easy to be cynical and say that the government has hit a raw nerve of desperation and desire not to be left out. Actually, I think that the government has hit a rich seam of ambition and excitement in local government with this initiative. The programme has been deliberately (and I think, prudently and sensibly) designed such that no two places must necessarily have the same (one size fits all) deal and level of devolution and decentralisation. Rather, a pragmatic patchwork approach is being adopted. Provided this meets local needs and ambition, there is little reason to challenge the approach unless it leads to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)