Published: 2nd Apr 2020

Liverpool City Council has vowed to take action against the city’s criminal landlords, after the government refused their application to continue its successful Landlord Licensing Scheme. For the past five years, all property owners, landlords and managing agents have been legally required to licence any property unless a statutory exemption applied – but that ended on Tuesday (March 31) after the government turned down a renewal application. Selective licensing has become a popular tool for councils to tackle rogue landlords and the dismal housing quality in the rental market. In Liverpool, there were 51,764 property licences in force, issued to 10,074 licence holders, and the team conducted over 34,000 compliance checks of properties and identified 65% as not being fully complaint with licence conditions at first visit. As well as variable management standards, 3,375 of the most serious category 1 and 2 hazards were discovered, affecting the health, safety and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)