Published: 11th Jan 2019

Leenamari Aantaa-Collier, legal director and planning specialist and David Ollivere, associate and licensing specialist at law firm, Shakespeare Martineau, discuss how local councils can adapt to a changing night time economy. With the advent of the night tube, pop-up restaurants and 24-hour bars, it is undeniable that London is on its way to becoming a city that never sleeps. However, as this phenomenon spreads across the country, and the growing population causes a spike of inner-city residential developments, a battle would seem to be playing out for the heart of Britain’s urban environments. So how can the bustling night-time economy and the tranquil residential communities learn to live together? Nightlife of all varieties makes up a vital part of the UK’s economy, with an estimated annual revenue of almost £70 billion. This is only set to increase in the coming years, with shifting consumer habits changing both the types of outlets … (To read the full article, subscribe below)