Published: 21st Jul 2016

As research lead on Tinder Foundation’s Library Digital Inclusion Fund action research project, I’ve travelled up and down the country visiting the 16 library services participating in the project. I’ve been bowled over by the dedication of library staff, and the innovation I’ve seen on the ground in getting library and digital services out to some of the hardest to reach individuals and communities. We’ve learned that libraries are ideally placed to engage these audiences – but that in order to do so they’ve had to think a bit differently. Delivering in over 200 library branches in both rural and urban areas, and in a variety of outreach locations, the Library Digital Inclusion Fund supported over 1,600 digitally excluded people to improve their basic digital skills. The full research report can be found on the Tinder Foundation website, but here’s a summary of some of our key findings below: 1. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)