Published: 28th Sep 2016

The title of this new report is provocative. The questions of ‘good’ city economies should not only be taken as a measure of whether economic policy can be effective in producing growth. The deeper question to grapple with is, is there a kind of local economics that can be built on values and, in the way it works and what it produces, does good? This report is yet another contribution to the vital service the New Economics Foundation, CLES and New Start provide: questioning and challenging the received wisdoms and easy assumptions around economic development that have given the traditional consumption-driven, trickle-down model its resilience. This resilience stands in the face of the old wisdoms and modern evidence that warn us of consumption’s very limited ability to deliver individual, collective and environmental wellbeing. In fact, our over- reliance on this limited tool actually begins to harm us. ‘The scale of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)