Published: 23rd Aug 2012

Australian cities are among the most liveable in the world. As Tim Horton explains, linking design with governance is crucial to the country’s success In Australia there is renewed national interest in cities, in better planning and infrastructure, after years of neglect. Arguably the reframing of interest started in 2007 with the release by the Australian treasury of an intergenerational report highlighting the trends in demography and immigration – suggesting the size and age profile of Australia’s population was changing. Rapidly. And with impact. Treasury – the same dour class of boffins known the world over – identified that an ageing population had the potential to slow economic growth. Not long after, an update of the report kicked-started a national conversation on the rate of growth anticipated, posing questions for our capacity to house, feed and employ a fast growing, diverse population. Australia’s Bureau of Statistics forecast the population to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)