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Leeds urban farm launches crowdfunder to save it from closure after 40 years

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm in Leeds has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money during the coronavirus crisis, as they warn they may have to close after 40 years.

Founded as a charity with the goal of reconnecting urban people with their food, the farm is, in normal circumstances, open daily for the public to visit the animals, gardens, and flourishing woodland.

Every week, the farm welcomes hundreds of visitors, schoolchildren, and trainees, who help to fund their charitable work.

But with the country now in its third week of lockdown, they are losing a major part of their income.

The Just Giving page reads: ‘Charities and businesses around the world have been affected by Covid-19, and Meanwood Farm is no exception. We’re continuing to look after our animals – a big task during lambing season – and hope to resume our services as soon as safely possible. However, with a massive drop in our monthly income, the Farm needs your help.’

The campaign has raised over £8,000 so far and you can donate here.

Yesterday, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £750m support fund to keep struggling charities afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

It follows a survey which found that charities are reporting a projected loss of 48% in their volunteer’s income.

The Institue of Fundraising, the Charity Finance Group and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations conducted a survey on over 500 charities in order to assess the impact of the crisis on their organisations.

According to the survey which was published on March 30, 52% of charities have already reduced their levels of service, with 12% intending to do so in the future.

91% of the charities surveyed said they have already or expect to have their cash flow disrupted, with 62% indicating that this will result in reduced charitable activity.

Photo Credit – Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

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