Published: 25th Jun 2018

Leeds City Council has launched its Inclusive Growth Strategy for 2018-2023, which aims to provide opportunities for all its local citizens. The new strategy includes 12 ‘big ideas’, which range from doubling the size of the city centre and supporting places and communities to responding to economic change to working together to create better jobs to tackling low pay and boosting productivity. The new strategy also outlines how the council will work in partnership with businesses, universities, colleges, schools, the community sector and with other partners across the North to attract and retain talent, business, investment and visitors, while ensuring all of its communities benefit. Another ‘big idea’ includes focuses on backing innovators and entrepreneurs in business and social enterprises. To implement part of the strategy, the council’s executive board will consider proposals that will aim to protect start up and SME businesses in the creative sector from being priced … (To read the full article, subscribe below)