Published: 31st Dec 2018

Leeds City Council has appealed for people to join its house-sharing scheme, which brings young and older people together. The Homeshare scheme matches someone younger looking for an affordable place to live with someone older who has a spare room and who would benefit from help or companionship at home. The home sharer isn’t involved in providing personal care, but agrees to provide around 10 hours a week support in exchange for a room. Help can be many different things, from shopping, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog to looking after the garden or just having someone to watch the telly with and by giving the older person the reassurance of knowing there’s someone else in the house during the night. Home-owners and sharers will contribute an affordable monthly fee to cover the running costs of the scheme and sharers also contribute towards the home utility bills. Jon Keating and Margaret … (To read the full article, subscribe below)