Published: 3rd Jan 2020

Leading figures from the third sector, business and religion have called on UK citizens to start ‘rebuilding connections’ with each and heal the wounds from a ‘decade of division’. People who have signed the open letter, released on New Years Day, include Tim Roache, general secretary of the GMB union, Jacqui Smith, chair of the Jo Cox Foundation, and former leaders of the Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe campaigns. The letter reads that ‘if we are not happy with the state of our society’ then ‘it falls to us all to do something about it’. It urges UK citizens to find common ground with each other to help bridge social divides which have been exacerbated due to turbulent political times in recent years. Recent surveys from think tank British Future have shown there is a sense of division and disconnection in the country today, with 69% of people … (To read the full article, subscribe below)