Published: 1st Oct 2018

Mark Finch is a director at Rushbond, a property firm who have been behind several high profile regeneration projects in the city. He met NewStart to discuss the changing meaning of regeneration and the challenges of restoring historic buildings. What does the word regeneration mean to you? The word I often use is revitalisation as regeneration can mean quite significant change. If you’re looking to regenerate an area, that suggests the area is failing and you need to come in with a bulldozer and change it. But that forgets that there are buildings and communities who have things of great value but have lost their way. Revitalising an area through careful interventions is perhaps a shift away from big scale regeneration which said, ‘clear it and rebuild it.’ The word hasn’t changed its meaning but there’s more awareness now to some of the more local contexts in schemes. A lot … (To read the full article, subscribe below)