Published: 11th Dec 2018

Alastair Wilson is the chief executive of the London-based School of Social Entrepreneurs. He spoke to NewStart about balancing social impact with making money, why their students must be practitioners and how data is revolutionising retail. How do you balance social impact with making money? Students come to us primarily looking through an impact lens. That’s their driver and what they are passionate about, whether it be mental health or reoffending or gang violence. It’s often rooted in their personal experience so that’s where we will start when we interview someone. We want to work out whether their depth of understanding is authentic and genuine. That’s a prerequisite. The bit that they are often weaker at is making their idea sustainable and creating income. That’s the bit we are asked to pick up. We run leadership programmes to help people build an enterprise engine onto their social purpose organisation they … (To read the full article, subscribe below)