Published: 1st Jun 2020

Nature should be put at the heart of the North of England’s post-lockdown economic recovery plans, according to a leading think tank. A report published today (1 June) by IPPR North, argues that any plans to aid the region’s post-Covid-19 recovery should focus on building a cleaner, greener future North with the potential to create jobs, improve resilience and ‘level up’ the economy and public health. According to the report, projects to restore nature, including restoring peatland, planting trees, and creating new green spaces in urban areas, can bring significant economic, social and environmental, benefits. These include increased flood resilience, improved air quality, and lower net carbon emissions, as well as the mental and physical health benefits of increased access to nature. The report claims that for too long, leaders have failed to value Northern nature, leaving the region’s natural assets in a poor condition, and undermining its economic and human potential. They also point to access to nature, an issue that had been catapulted to the fore during … (To read the full article, subscribe below)