Published: 31st Mar 2011

With government happy to leave the fate of cities to market forces, where does that leave those for whom growth isn’t a realistic option? Clare Goff reports Liverpool’s population has halved since the 1950s and, despite strong economic growth in recent years, the city still struggles to stem its population decline. Having expanded its boundaries during its boom years as a port and cultural mecca, areas of the city now sag under baggy infrastructure. In the north Liverpool suburb of Anfield boarded up homes and deprived neighbourhoods show the human and societal cost of population decline. But Liverpool’s leaders shun the label of ‘shrinking city’. ‘We reject the idea of managed decline,’ says Nick Small, cabinet member for employment and skills at Liverpool Council. ‘We want to create growth.’ The recently installed Labour administration in the city is focused on boosting the skills and staying power of the population that … (To read the full article, subscribe below)