Published: 24th Aug 2015

Greater Manchester has done a fine job in the last 25 years of delivering real change. In the last months, on the back of the devolution agreement and the devolution of health and social care budgets, it is starting to do even more. Nevertheless, economic challenges remain and poverty and inequality are hard to shift. The current level of devolved power and resource cannot be the fixed deal and must be pushed further if Greater Manchester and other combined authorities are to scale up the advantages of devolution. It is vitally important to keep the pressure on government for more devolution. Let’s not forget that we’ve had 80 years of false dawns – Whitehall has past form in retreating from its promises. History tells us the government could easily slip into a slowdown, or come the Devolution Bill think that legislation offers a full stop. The hardest thing for those … (To read the full article, subscribe below)