Published: 15th Mar 2012

The reintroduction of large discounts for right-to-buy tenants confirms Cameron is Thatcher’s ideological love child.  However, unlike Thatcher’s attempt to eradicate housing stock through her right-to-buy scheme which outlawed the spending of receipts on replacement housing, this government’s approach to selling off the family silver is promising one-for-one replacement. But we shouldn’t be fooled by the headlines – this doesn’t mean building new council houses.  The consultation states that ‘all right to buy sales above current predicted levels will be replaced by new homes for affordable rent’. There are two problems here: ‘above current predicted levels’ means only after the estimated 12,700 homes predicted to be sold are sold will receipts start being used for rebuilding; and ‘affordable rent’ means landlords other than local authorities who are free to charge up to 80% of market rates, which is much higher than council rents.  This policy is not promising to maintain … (To read the full article, subscribe below)