Published: 11th Sep 2013

Austerity has had many victims, but the one I mourn the most is the regeneration community’s spirit. Five years of resource constriction by a government keen to sweep away any vestiges of their predecessors’ ‘big government’ spending – think RDAs, Planning Policy – before replacing them with their own ‘lighter touch’ structures – think Leps and the NPPF – has left those on the side of the angels feeling like they’re single-handedly pulling whole communities up a steep hill with a boa contrictor around their neck. The mojo has left the building. Regeneration practitioners are knackered, and fed up. But we can’t leave it like that – something has to be done! This is where a late night conversation with Jackie Sadek came in. We thought we needed to give the regeneration community back the joie de vivre that Dave and George had taken away. So that’s why next week … (To read the full article, subscribe below)