Published: 19th Jul 2012

The ‘living wall’ at Paradise Park’s Children’s Centre in Islington died three years after it was installed Sustainability is a priority worldwide but the term has become a tag added often unthinkingly to guarantee the validity of policies, products and values. If we are serious about it we need to ensure we agree on what it means and how to attain it, says Silvio Caputo Sustainability is generally regarded as a way of living that will not undermine the capacity of future generations to enjoy the world’s resources. Sustainability is therefore about the future. But since the future is inherently uncertain, how can we be sure that what we put in place today in the name of sustainability will deliver what it promises? The answer could be: it must be flexible enough to adapt to future conditions whilst continuing to be resource-efficient. It must be resilient. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)