Published: 8th Nov 2018

Farhad Ahmed is a London-based Imam who represents the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. They are currently raising money for the poppy appeal and usually raise around £50,000 a year for the Royal British Legion. NewStart spoke to him about why the poppy appeal is important to Muslims and how to tackle misconceptions around Islam.   Why is it important for young Muslims to raise money for the Royal British Legion during the poppy appeal? The main reason we raise funds is for the servicemen who gave their lives for the defence of our country. If we are ever in any difficulty it would be their requirement to help us. It’s a show of our gratitude. Charity is blind and we help anybody whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. Here in the UK, the poppy appeal is a way of showing loyalty to your country. It’s also an expression of the fact … (To read the full article, subscribe below)