Published: 21st Nov 2011

The fashion industry, media, political, and legal professions are well-known for using unpaid interns. Highly prized professions such as these attract many graduates desperate for a leg-up, experience and a good reference to achieve their ambitions.  It goes without saying you need to have good family support to be able to afford to work unpaid: skinny as fashionistas might be, those egg-white omelettes don’t pay for themselves.  The HMRC has now decided that this practise is no longer legal and are sending in undercover hit squads, called a ‘dynamic response unit’ (yeah, made me laugh too) to weed out companies exploiting unpaid interns under its responsibility to enforce payment of the minimum wage. Meanwhile over at the House of Jobcentre Plus, young people are being forced to work up to 8 weeks for no pay in major supermarkets and face losing their benefits if they decline.  As well as the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)