Published: 21st Oct 2019

‘Mega’ sporting events deliver better benefits for residents when local companies are contracted, research has found. Mega-events are categorised as those which have been developed primarily to enhance the ‘awareness, appeal and profitability’ of a destination including motor sports such as Formula 1 and athletics events like the Commonwealth Games, which Birmingham will be holding in 2022. Birmingham City University examined the impact these ‘mega-events’ have on their local economies and residents and found that the events brought with them economic, social and cultural benefits as well as employment opportunities, long term infrastructure and enhanced international profile. But they said when organisers use local contractors during the event planning and construction it could help drive down the prices of larger corporations and provide much-needed investment directly into the local and regional economies. Speaking about the impact local contractors could have on boosting the economic outputs of mega-events, lead researcher David … (To read the full article, subscribe below)