Published: 31st May 2011

Assemblages. Jan Gehl once suggested that it takes 100 years to create a community. The implication might be that in between times, it is too early to tell. Recently, the Queen visited Ireland. It is a hundred years since a royal visited the country. At that time, the political geography of the world looked different. Today, the landscape is much changed, as are the institutions that govern these geographies. Indeed, so too are the institutions that form the backbone of ordinary, everyday life. Assemblage is a word borrowed from the world of media. It builds on the idea and practice of remixing, the blurring of distinctions between original and borrowed work. As the political geography of the world continues to change, new assemblages form in our places, new people, new purposes, new meanings. I used to go to mass when I was young. The ritual of attendance was a tacit … (To read the full article, subscribe below)