Published: 11th Jun 2013

Even given the propensity of the tabloid press to exaggerate and to print alarmist headlines, if five years ago a newspaper headline had stated that half a million people would be reliant on food banks in 2013, it is most likely that it would have dismissed at fanciful. Yet today this is the stark reality. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has this week reported that the government’s reform of the benefits system will mean the poor suffering most from the current economic downturn. Child poverty will increase from17.5% children living in poverty in 2010/11 to 23.8% by 2016. Youth unemployment continues to grow to record levels. Wealth inequality and income inequality are rising. From 2007 – 2016, most households will find their real incomes will be worth just over 5% less than before the current crisis started. Communities are under enormous strain. And so are families and children. These depressing … (To read the full article, subscribe below)