Published: 10th Sep 2018

Helen Griffiths is chief executive of Fields in Trust, an independent charity which legally protects parks and green spaces. Writing for NewStart, she discusses what more can be done to protect city parks from increased commercialisation during the summer festival season. During a long, hot summer in the city, walking in one of London’s many parks might provide a relaxing respite, yet as urban geographer Dr Andrew Smith from the University of Westminster has reported, there is growing concern about the commercialisation and privatisation of the capital’s civic spaces which are inaccessible whilst fee-paying events are underway. Dr Smith has studied the community response to the use of London’s parks and green spaces for festivals, gigs and events. There were ten multi-day festivals in London Parks this summer restricting access to ticket holders only – something he suggests highlights “a wider ideological concern about privatisation.” Fields in Trust champions and supports … (To read the full article, subscribe below)