Published: 16th Mar 2012

Ted Howard, founder of the Evergreen Co-operative Initiative, told us what we could want, in a fabulous CLES, NewStart, Co-operativesUK and Hub Westminster event I chaired last night. For me the question he posed is so relevant to the task of regenerating failing places in the UK. The places which have received endless regeneration monies, have lost their economic purpose, and are searching for a new and vibrant future. Now whilst I am supportive of a greater role for co-operatives, I do not think they are a panacea for all ills. Nevertheless, Ted sketched out some fascinating ideas and key things, which point a way forward for some of our most deprived places. Firstly, he described the problem some places have as ‘system failure’- economic and population decline, lack of capital, ageing population, reducing tax base and derelict land. Wicked problems, intricately woven together. As system failure the task is … (To read the full article, subscribe below)