Published: 26th Feb 2013

What should be the single biggest priority for social housing providers in 2013? New homes for new residents? Better homes for existing residents? Improved non-housing services that help shape communities and improve the quality of life of all residents? The ideal is for housing associations to be delivering all three of these objectives. In reality, most will only be able to focus on one or two at best. But poverty reduction should be a priority that cuts across all organisational objectives and activities. Here are some ways in which this could be achieved: DEVELOPING NEW HOMES Households in new, higher rent properties are less likely to be in poverty than those living in old stock. Developing housing associations must not lose track of what is genuinely affordable, should cross-subsidise lower rent properties in new developments, and use development proceeds to recycle into their existing stock. GOOD MANAGEMENT OF EXISTING HOMES … (To read the full article, subscribe below)