Published: 3rd Apr 2013

Resilient communities have resilient, co-produced institutions at their heart, argues Julian Dobson. ‘Bouncebackability’ is a favourite term of the former Northern Ireland footballer Iain Dowie. Given that one of his main claims to fame is the headed own-goal that put West Ham out of the League Cup on a miserable night in Stockport in 1996, he probably knows what he’s talking about. When CLES chief executive Neil McInroy talks about resilience, he uses a slide with one word: ‘Boing!’ It’s the same idea: a place and community has the springiness and energy to bounce back from setbacks. There’s more to resilience, as CLES argues, than simply being able to bounce back. Resilience is a combination of capacities and qualities that are for every day, crisis or no crisis. A resilient place is one not only of resilient individuals but of resilient institutions – economic, social and civic. Resilience is a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)