Published: 2nd Sep 2019

In an era characterised by ‘turbulence’ and ‘disruption’, climate change has become an issue that local authorities can no longer ignore, writes Edward Nash of regeneration consultancy Nash Partnership. The prominence of climate change can be seen in the protests in our cities, record numbers of Green Party councillors and MEPs and hundreds of local authorities declaring climate emergencies in response to a growing clamour for action. Many councils have set a target for zero carbon emissions by 2030, which is 20 years ahead of the government’s ambition for the UK. The shift will bring drastic changes across every aspect of how we live if it is to be achieved. It certainly requires a rethink around sustainable ways of living and alternative built environments. Until now, this has been largely framed in a technical context directed at the development industry’s outputs. If we are to fully embrace the changes that need … (To read the full article, subscribe below)